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Card Security Features

Optical Security Inks
Optical Security Inks are designed to change color with changes in viewing angle. This property cannot be duplicated by scanning or photo copying.

Likely the most common anti-counterfeit measure, holograms come in various shapes, sizes, design and colors. Holograms can be customized to include your company logo or other data.

Discrete Coatings
This security feature is applicable for high volume items requiring security, but cannot withstand the increase in price for a hologram. It is very inexpensive and offers resistance to scanning and photo copying.

Heat Sensitive Inks
Heat sensitive inks are inks that change from one color to another or become transparent revealing the word “Valid” underneath. This feature can be applied to both paper and plastic and offers excellent resistance to scanning and photo copying.

Metallic and Flourescent Inks
Metallic inks are similar to holograms in that they offer a feature that stands out against normal inks. They dramatially change color wen scanned or photo copied offering protection against counterfeiting.

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